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New & Improved 2022 Model

Kinetic Pro Watch

Star12,421 Verified Customer Reviews

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New & Improved 2022 Model

Kinetic Pro Watch

Star12,421 Verified Customer Reviews

Get on-the-go real-time daily health & fitness insights that help you understand your every move, track your progress & reach your goals, everyday

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Nutrition Pro: The 5 Week Guide To Master Weight Loss

Flip On Your Body's Natural 'Metabolism' With Supreme Super Foods & Fitness Plan

$134.91 $12.99

    What You Will Get Today

  • Exercises to Speed Up Metabolism & Burn Calories Up to 24 Hours After the Workout ($49.99 Value)
  • Short Walks Designed to Reduce the Stress Hormone Cortisol That Causes the Body to Hold on to Fat ($19.99 Value)
  • Specialized Meal Plans Designed to Burn Fat Around the Clock : ($29.99 Value)
  • Cocktail List to Indulge Without the Bulge ($19.99 Value)

Special Limited Time Bonus: FREE Shopping Lists for an Effortless Journey from Fat to Fit ($14.95 Value)

Regular Price : $134.91

One Time Offer Price : $12.99

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Kinetic Pro Coverage

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  • Accidental damage protection
  • Free parts replacement guarantee
  • Express replacement service - we'll ship you a replacement, so you don't have to wait for a repair
  • 24/7 priority access to Kinetic Watch Pro experts

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